NETWORK's State of the Union bingo card

NETWORK’s State of the Union bingo card via NETWORK

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The State of the Union is the high church for America’s civic religion. For religious groups, the speech was also a time to judge how president’s stances lined up with their ethics and values.

Some groups found some fun ways to enjoy the SOTU. There was a Jewish SOTU drinking game, which consisted of finding different ways to drink Manischewitz. There was also a Catholic bingo game was put together by NETWORK. The squares of the game boards covered values from Pope Francis’ “Joy of the Gospel” that NETWORK hoped would be featured in the SOTU. The game included a “grace space” in the center square and tokens featuring Pope Francis.

Most groups, however, stuck to old-fashioned tweets and blogs to talk about the SOTU. Here is a sampling of how groups reacted to the president’s speech.










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Tobin Grant

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